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OBOD Elektroindustrija AD


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Production program and capacities


a)      The Refrigerators factory comprises three models of classic freestanding type refrigerators: HL145, HL190 and HL235, and its annual capacity are 120,000 units in one shift.

b)      Combined Refrigerators and Upright Freezers factory is aimed at the production of three types combined refrigerators: HZ26, HZ29, DT30, and three types of upright freezers: VZ8, VZ20, and VZ26. Its annual capacity is 120,000 units in one shift.

c)       Chest Freezers factory is aimed at the production of four models of horizontal type freezers: HOZ210, HOZ310, HOZ410, and HOZ510. Its annual capacity is 90,000 units in one shift.

d)      Washing Machines factory produces one model of the machine. Its annual capacity is 100,000 units in one shift.

e)      The OBOD LUX factory produces industrial inner lights. Its annual capacity is 50,000 units in one shift.

f)        Ice Makers factory manufactures three types of apparatuses for the production of ice cubes as follows: APL25, APL40, and APL55. Its annual capacity is 2,500 units in one shift.

g)      The Condensers factory manufactures condensers for all OBOD’s refrigeration appliances (it was supplied other producers as well). Its annual capacity is 450,000 sets in one shift.

h)      The Wiring Components factory produces baskets and grills for the refrigeration units. Its annual capacity is 1,125,000 sets in one shift.

Assembling line at Refrigerators factory
Freestanding refrigerator HL-145

The best production output in 1988



Output: 231,000 units

Exported: 167,000 units to USA, West Germany, France, Spain, and Benelux



Output: 140,100 units

Exported: 29,000 units to USA, France, Greece, Hungary, Albania, and Italy



Output: 167,000 units

Exported: 24,000 units to USA, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, and Benelux



Output: 113,000 units

Some export achieved to Greece, Albania, Algeria, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and France.


OBOD Elektroindustrija AD * Bulevar crnogorskih junaka b.b. * Cetinje 81250 * Serbia & Montenegro