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OBOD Elektroindustrija AD
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OBOD as a manufacturer of household appliances is well known brand name worldwide. Having been established half a century ago it obtained good premises at favorable location in Cetinje suburb as well in other places in Montenegro and whole ex-Yugoslavia. The company became famous not only in Yugoslavia but wider having an export throughout Europe and even USA. OBOD products made known by its long life and very good quality. For instance, there are some families who still have in their home refrigerators made in 1970s with no after-sales repair. However the success had not been followed up well and OBOD slowly went into great difficulties. This was increased by known outer circumstances like UN sanctions and economy system collapse in the country. It seemed at that time OBOD was about to cease but taught from the experience of most similar companies and aware of possible loss which would have been irretrievable, it desperately asked for support of relevant governmental subjects being in fact state owned company. It was really hard time for the company remembered by many strikes, laborers discontent and others. Having about 5000 of employees in time of its highest growth OBOD reduced that number to about 2000 people. The state obliged itself to compensate increasing number of workers leaving company.

It became obvious that a decisive step should be taken. In that sense a new company has been established in 2001 as only reasonable solution. Novi OBOD Ltd. was an independent juristic subject freed from all outstanding debits. Some investments were made related to ruined equipment and facilities as well product design. Manufacturing was restarted at two plants, Refrigerators and Chest Freezers, attaching also Washing Machines factory which started with SKD assembling of washing machines and dishwashers.

In 2005 the company was reregistered as OBOD Elektroindustrija AD.

OBOD plants at Cetinje

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The company is located in Cetinje, old royal capital of Montenegro. The city is situated at the foothill of famous mountain Lovcen near Adriatic Sea cost. There is a highway to Podgorica, present capital of Montenegro, well connected with other former Yugoslav republics and Albania. Nearness of Port of Bar is another advantage for OBOD.

OBOD Elektroindustrija AD * Bulevar crnogorskih junaka b.b. * Cetinje 81250 * Serbia & Montenegro